miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012


Hello lovers ! How amazing is wear Nikita clothes ! Don't you think? I love this kind of clothes because you could wear fashion and being confortable at the same time. The quality is really good and that make you fell very good. I really appreciate the gifts from NikitaClothing like Clark dress and Keddie bag. Amazing ! I will show you the keddie bag another time but hope you like the outfit.

¡ Hola amantes ! La verdad es que hoy he amanacido con una grata sorpresa por parte de mis colegas de Nikita clothing ya que me han enviado este magnífico vestido modelo Clark y un bolso modelo Keddie. El bolso os lo enseñaré más adelante en otro post.

You could have a look here and buy it online here:

Rachel Bisou and Nikita

Nikita clothing

Clark dress Nikita


Rachel Bisou rocks with Nikita !

Nikita logo

Nikita gift
Hope you have a nice week and keep in touch !!!! Thanks Michelle for being super nice with me and hope you like this post :)

Rachel Bisou loves u,