sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2012


How can I describe it? Amazing? Luxurious and VIP?Special guest inside and special service in this awesome Hotel.You could visit offers by website http://www.hotelesvive.com/ . . . Let me show you with these pics :

Rachel Bisou presents Es vive Ibiza

Es vive Hotel
Pool Es vive
When I was with my friends Jason invited us to special concert of Santogold inside the Hotel. It was OMG. The Hotel changes and shows the other face . . . elegant and chic. Love it ! The Hotel has a private lounge bar to chilly with good music. Best party ever ! We meet lots of interesting people inside from everywhere. Love Es vive Hotel !

Girls party on !!!

Es vive Hotel
Ibiza Rachel Bisou Party at Es vive Santogold concert

Rachel Bisou Ibiza Es vive
With Jason at Es vive - Rachel Bisou

Rachel Bisou at Es vive Ibiza
Thanks Jason for being super nice with us! We will come back next year again. So lovers I recommend to you the experience hotel for your holidays . . . you have to visit if you want to feel inside how amazing is !

Rachel Bisou loves u,